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Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions

Data is becoming increasingly important to marketing teams, and this trend is expected to continue. Data-driven marketing solutions help your organizations increase ROI and sales by providing marketers with a wealth of information about prospective customers and leads. Unified Platforms offer top-notch Data Driven Digital Marketing Services which include Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media and many more.

SEO Services

Ability to Scale

A business that can scale up successfully should also benefit from economies of scale, where production costs are spread across more units, resulting in higher profit margins. Unified Platforms being an online digital marketing company offers you a tremendous ability to scale your business by rendering all the top quality Digital Marketing services at the best prices.

Quality first

Winning a customer’s loyalty is the ultimate business success which could only be achieved by top quality digital marketing services. Unified Platforms offer Quality Digital Marketing Services as we have a dedicated and enthusiastic team that employs modern Digital marketing strategies to boost your online business growth.

Digital Marketing Services

Drive unparalleled growth and maximize your profitability with our data-driven digital marketing services. We adopt an informed approach that leverages comprehensive data analysis to propel your organization to new heights of success. By employing our high-quality digital marketing solutions, tailored to your unique needs, you can unlock untapped opportunities and achieve remarkable results. Explore our diverse range of digital transformation services below and witness the transformative power of data-driven marketing strategies.

Performance Marketing (PPC)

PPC is an important customer acquisition channel for improving focused and high-quality signups/traffic and recruiting new users. To achieve the ROI your organization requires, use Unified Platforms PPC Marketing Services.

Display Advertising

Display advertising services allow marketers to carefully design and target specific audiences across all domains, and because these networks serve millions of advertisers, these networks are experts at supporting you in growing your brand. Unified Platforms generates display and video advertising for your business and distributes it to hundreds of the most popular websites.

Shopping Ads

With Unified Platforms, you can easily connect your items to Google, promote them with ad campaigns, and track performance. Through intelligent bidding, data-driven targeting, and persona-based targeting, our campaign management system is dedicated to enhancing the ROI of your shopping efforts.

Youtube Marketing

YouTube is a well-known search engine with numerous advantages for every business. You can boost your company’s visibility by using the best YouTube marketing services. You can not only achieve organic results from our YouTube marketing services, but you can also improve your brand’s digital reputation.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing companies create strategies to reach out to your target audience on their smartphones and tablets through websites, e-mail, push notifications, and other methods. Unified Platforms provides mobile marketing services that cover all areas of mobile marketing effectively and efficiently.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the most effective and cost-effective mode of digital marketing when done correctly and on the right platform. Unified Platforms offers comprehensive social media marketing services to businesses and brands.

Search Engine Optimization

Keep up with market trends and rank higher to improve your ROI with Unified Platforms’ data-driven approaches that deliver proven results in SEO, SEM, and all digital marketing domains.

Local SEO

Unified Platforms will optimize your website’s content to increase its exposure in the SERP for a location-based search. Our local SEO services increase your website’s exposure locally, allowing you to attract more customers and increase your revenue. Our Local SEO services are designed to make your company visible to clients and potential customers who are looking for a company like yours in the local internet community.

Content Marketing

Employing content marketing services will provide businesses and marketers with the necessary information, strategy, tools, and evaluation to support marketing campaigns. Working with Unified Platforms, a leading content marketing firm, to create appealing content such as blogs, landing pages, meta tags, product descriptions, catchy captions, and more, will fuel your company with a results-driven strategy.

Digital Branding Services

The purpose of digital branding services is to increase brand awareness, tell the company’s story, and cultivate and drive customer loyalty. Our brand strategy and identity development services help you create a brand that will thrive in today’s digital-first, modern marketing landscape.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practise of advertising your products or services on websites likely to be visited by your customers. Unified Platforms offers the best affiliate marketing services by assisting clients in selling, promoting, and increasing their ROI.

Influencer Marketing

We are a full-service agency that creates and implements influencer marketing campaigns. Our services assist you in harnessing the power of top influencers.

We can assist you in hiring a top influencer, outsourcing your influencer marketing campaign, and increasing your online social reach.

OTT Platform Marketing

Have you ever thought about how to promote your service business through streaming services? Over-the-top advertising is abbreviated as OTT. Over-the-top advertising and connected television ads can assist you in increasing leads and sales. We offer OTT advertising to reach your target audience across all connected devices.

Celebrities Marketing

Celebrity influencer marketing is a simple process with Unified Platforms. Unified Platforms is a leading celebrity marketing agency that has worked with well-known celebrities as well as corporations. We match brands with celebrities who can speak to your brand’s mission statement and increase your ROI.

Film/Movies Marketing

Unified Platforms has a highly talented and motivated team of online film marketing and content experts who are constantly devising new ways to run online film campaigns in the digital world.

E-Commerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing digital marketing services raises the visibility of your online store in search engine results pages (SERPs). To drive as much traffic to your website as possible, you want to appear as high up in the search results for the products you sell as possible. While paid search may bring you visitors, SEO is far less expensive.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Through Unified Platforms, you can test and update the components of your website in order to increase the percentage of website visitors who take actions that lead to them becoming clients. CRO services assist you in increasing internet traffic so that your business can perform better financially. A/B testing, heat map analysis, user behavior analysis, and other services are available.

Contact our Digital Marketing Strategist to understand what type of Digital Marketing works for your business to stand out in this competitive business world 

How We do it:

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Ability to Scale Digital Marketing Services

Website/Your Business Analysis

Unified platforms monitor your website’s and company’s needs and assist you in closing the marketing gap. We provide in-depth business analysis to identify appropriate digital marketing options that will meet your company’s marketing and ROI goals.

Competitors and Industry Analysis

The advanced competition analysis provided by Unified Platforms leverages insights to analyze and identify flexible business solutions. At unified platforms, we assist businesses in evaluating or analyzing competitors’ goods and services, prices, and marketing strategies in order to outperform and stand out. 

Unified Platforms provides comprehensive industry analysis services, such as investigations into industry size, consumer behavior, technological advancements, and demographic trends. This allows you to better understand the potential of your company’s products and services. The current state of the industry and its target markets must be thoroughly covered in your plan.

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Transform your brand with our team of expert data-driven digital marketers, who use the latest analytics tools and techniques to create effective strategies and drive measurable results for your business.

Why Choose Unified Platforms

Unified Platform is the regarded top Digital Marketing services company for the quality of the work that they deliver. If you are looking for a reputed as well as an affordable Digital Marketing company, choose Unified Platforms. 

Unified Platforms indeed is one of the highly professional Digital Marketing services company, and it stands as one of the best Digital Marketing service companies for the attributes mentioned below:

Team of Digital Marketing Experts

Meet Our Digital Marketing Expert Team! We are a multifaceted Digital Marketing team with more than 6 years of blended expertise.

Data Driven Approach:

We believe that the use of data-driven marketing strategies that enable personalized messaging, improved consumer experiences, and real-time trend adaptability is revolutionizing business. Therefore, at Unified Platforms, we follow a data-driven approach.

Laser Focused Solution

Unified Platforms works hard to tailor your marketing strategies to a specific audience. You will meet your income targets if you closely monitor your marketing priorities, keep your goals clear, and remove obstacles in your path.

Exceptional Reliability

Exceptional reliability is one of unified Platforms’ strongest assets. We firmly believe in providing our consumers with excellent services, and we grow as they do through us.

Full Transparency

Complete transparency is one of the unified platforms’ biggest benefits. We genuinely believe in providing our consumers with transparency and loyalty services, and we grow as a result of their success

Proven Results

We cherish our clients and provide them with integrated Digital Marketing services that are focused on achieving their objectives. Unified platforms display results that are credible. We firmly believe in providing our clients with the greatest services. Unified Platforms provide you with guaranteed Digital Marketing services.

Infinite leverage

Unified platforms facilitate businesses’ flexibility to leverage. We employ a variety of effective tactics that improve a website’s position in search engine results.

Increase Conversion Rate

Unified Platforms help businesses boost their conversion rates. With focused Digital Marketing techniques, it assists you in staying current with market trends and ranking higher to increase your ROI.

Increase Paying Customer Base

Unified platforms help businesses grow their customer base. We help you with the best Digital Marketing techniques for your website so you can increase customer service and business growth.

Access to Premium Digital Marketing Tools

Unified platforms provide businesses access to premium Digital Marketing tools. These tools enable you to carry out several tasks that measure the marketing performance of your website, ads, campaigns and more.

Extensive Reporting

 (We provide weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and yearly reports)

Unified platforms help businesses with extensive reporting. These reports are an overview of the Digital Marketing data that shows how well your site is doing. Reports usually include information on things like overall Organic Traffic, Paid Marketing, Ad Campaigns, Conversions, Backlinks, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce Marketing and many more.

Ability to Scale Digital Marketing Services

Top Reasons why your Business need Digital Marketing Services

Data-driven digital marketing services ensure that your campaigns are tailored to your audience’s needs, maximizing your ROI and delivering measurable results.

Discovering Brand in an Internet

Brand development requires digital marketing, and brand recognition necessitates business expansion. The optimization of website content increases traffic and leads. Improved social network performance leads to increased engagement. As a result, your company requires creative Digital Marketing services.

Reach Potential Customers

Whether you are a new or experienced business owner, your primary focus should be on digital marketing. Digital marketing increases website traffic, which increases visitors and sales. It enables you to reach your intended audience.

User Engagement & Conversion

All successful websites have high user engagement rates. The right combination of Digital Marketing techniques can improve your website’s user engagement and conversion rates.

Builds Trust & Credibility

Digital marketing will drive more “targeted” traffic to your website than any other marketing strategy you’ll ever employ, resulting in more clients for your company. One of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing is search engine optimization, which takes into account your company’s reputation. Users will regard you as a reliable source if you rank higher in the SERPs.

Improving Buying Cycle

Digital marketing can generate significant returns on a small investment by subtly increasing revenue and shortening the buying cycle. Hiring a digital marketing company will assist you in increasing your visibility and making it easier for potential clients to find solutions and companies that provide them.

Improving business health & Sustainability

You can increase the visibility of your business and attract a larger audience by utilizing the appropriate Digital marketing tactics. Using the best practices in digital marketing can result in more significant changes and better user experiences for information seekers, which improves the sustainability of your business.

Our happy clients

Unified Platforms so far assisted several leading organizations with Expert Online Digital Marketing services.

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Unified Platforms Other Services 

Transform your brand with our comprehensive digital marketing solutions. From expert graphic design to social media, content marketing, SEO, and more, we help you grow your business and enhance your visual identity.

Web Development Services

Unified Platforms provides extensive web development services for the majority of organizations worldwide, regardless of domain.

Graphics Design Services

Unified Platforms offers a variety of graphic design services to promote your company’s products and services. Our expert graphic designers complete client work on time.

UI/UX Design Services

We offer a full range of user experience (UX) design services at Unified Platforms, from prototype and usability testing to pixel-perfect user interface and product design.

Branding Services

A strong brand will help you distinguish your products and services and encourage interaction. Unified Platforms creates powerful brands that attract exceptional business.

PR Services

Unified Platforms provide public relations (PR) services that include a variety of engagement tactics and the dissemination of information about your brand’s positioning and key products.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Enterprise software development services from Unified Platforms deliver cutting-edge enterprise solutions for the web, mobile, and desktop. Use corporate software development services to modernize, grow, and improve operational effectiveness. We also provide the most effective enterprise digital marketing services.

Frequently asked questions

What is Digital Marketing?

The promotion of brands through the use of the internet and other forms of digital communication to communicate with potential clients is known as digital marketing, sometimes known as online marketing. In addition to email, social media, and web-based advertising, this includes text and multimedia messaging as a marketing channel. In essence, digital marketing refers to any marketing campaign that makes use of digital communication.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Because Digital Marketing connects a firm with its clients when they are online and because it works in many industries, digital marketing is crucial. Businesses can reach their potential clients when Through SEO and PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and emailing, they can be found on Google.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital marketing, also referred to as online marketing, is the practice of promoting brands over the internet and other digital communication platforms. This includes email, social media, web-based advertising, text and multimedia messages, and other marketing channels.

What is a Digital Marketing Service?

Digital marketing professional services, also referred to as online marketing services, refers to the practice of promoting brands over the internet and other digital communication platforms. This includes email, social media, web-based advertising, text and multimedia messages, and other marketing channels.

What is a Digital Marketing company?

A digital marketing agency is an organization that only focuses on marketing to consumers online. This includes planning and executing campaigns for commercial clients on a range of media, such as social media, pay-per-click advertising, videos, and websites.

What does a Digital Marketing company do?

Businesses collaborate with digital marketing organizations due to their proficiency in internet marketing. Agencies are aware about the newest trends, industry best practices, and effective digital marketing tools and techniques.

You can expect the following things in particular from a digital marketing agency:

  • Digital marketing consultants drive organic traffic to your website.
  • Expand the reach of your brand from top to bottom
  • Improve your brand marketing
  • Make noise about your products/services
  • Improves your ROI
  • Helps you meet your business goals.

Why hire a Digital Marketing company?

A digital marketing agency will expand your clientele. You are paying a digital marketing agency to work with you while they help enhance the visibility and reach of your adverts. This could appear to be a cost, but it’s actually a smart investment.

How to choose a Digital Marketing company?

A good Digital Marketing agency will approach each client individually and present them with options that are specific to their company. They meet with their clients to learn about their wants, needs, and expectations so that they can develop customized programmes.

Which is the best Digital Marketing company in india?

Are you looking for an Indian Digital Marketing firm? So you’re in the right place. Unified Platforms is a well-known Digital Marketing solutions company in India and in fact regarded as the best digital marketing service provider. We are praised for the high quality of our services. We provide organizations with data-driven Digital Marketing techniques and strive to provide the best, most pragmatic Digital Marketing solutions that are also highly effective.

How much does Digital Marketing service cost?

There is no defined answer to this question. It varies from agency to agency, package to package. However, digital marketing services pricing ranges between $2,500 – $15,000 per month. The digital marketing services list includes SEO, PPC, Youtube Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E commerce Marketing and many more.

10 reasons why your company needs Digital Marketing

 Out of the many, below are the top 10 reasons why your company needs Digital Marketing

  • Cost-Effective.
  • Understand Customer’s Needs 
  • High Reach.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • Personalization 
  • Building a Customer Base.
  • Measurable Results.
  • Increase in ROI.
  • Retaining Loyal Customers.
  • Boost Conversions

What is the role of Digital Marketing in a company?

The primary duty of a digital marketer is to manage advertising campaigns that promote a brand and its products. Along with driving traffic, leads, and sales, they significantly contribute to increasing brand recognition.

When to tell whether your Digital Marketing company is working for you?

here are several ways to determine whether your Digital Marketing service company is working for you or not

Check the traffic sources for your website.

The bulk of businesses will look at where they rank in organic search results, but there are other ways to increase website traffic. 

Verify whether the website traffic is worthwhile.

To do this, you must be aware of what website visitors are doing there. Are visitors becoming customers? To find the solution, conversions must be tracked. 

Make sure you’re placing your ads in the right places.

Investigate the traits of your clientele. How old are they? What are their favorite pastimes? What social media accounts do they have? When you are convinced of your target market, compare them to the places where you are advertising.

How to find the best Digital Marketing company?

There is no specific pattern to find the best digital marketing services company. The digital marketing company profile, brand reputation, client testimonials, the performance of their client’s websites says it all. The digital marketing company website’s health will also determine their quality. 

However you can try following the below given strategy

  • Determine your company’s marketing needs.
  • Locate a business that can meet your needs.
  • Do some background research
  • Ask suitable questions
  • A “Request for proposal” should be sent (RFP)
  • Send them a task and a review.
  • Attend a meeting with the agency

What is Digital Marketing in software company

The task of promoting a brand in the marketplace falls to a digital marketer. They use a variety of digital media to boost brand recognition and generate leads. Digital sources for the business include its website and social networking platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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