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Explore our wide range of Graphic Design services below:

Brochure Design

When done effectively, a brochure possesses the incredible potential to enhance brand awareness significantly. Read More

Our expertly designed sales brochures exude reliability and trustworthiness. Crafted with care, they feature compelling content that deeply connects with your target audience and leaves an everlasting impression.

Product Packaging Design

The initial impact a product has on consumers is heavily influenced by its packaging. This initial interaction must be Read More

positive, and this is where Unified Platforms excels. We grasp the significance of these first impressions and are committed to crafting durable and remarkable packaging designs that elevate your product's visibility, enabling it to shine in the fiercely competitive market.

Infographic Design

Infographics are a popular online marketing tool for simplifying complex data and grabbing the attention of viewers. Read More

Unified Platforms provides fantastic Infographic Designs, which include the creation of informative and appealing infographic designs to meet the needs of your online business and increase brand awareness.

Startup Pitch Deck Design

Creating a professional and eye-catching pitch deck is an essential step for any company aiming to secure investments. Read More

Our expertise lies in delivering exceptional pitch deck designs that effectively communicate vital company information, strategic direction, and offerings, all while staying true to your company's core essence and vision.

Corporate Presentation Design

From internal updates to investor pitches, Corporate Presentation Designs are useful for conveying complex ideas .Read More

effortlessly.Unified Platforms can help you simplify the process of drafting presentations by providing modern slide designs that not only streamline creation but also yield visually impressive outcomes, allowing you to save time while making a lasting visual impact.

Social Media Design

In the era of digital dominance, a brand's triumph and influence are intricately linked to its online visibility, particularly Read More

its social media standing. Stand out amidst the noise and make an impact with our exceptional Social Media Designs. From eye-catching posts to compelling stories, we create content that resonates. Transform your social media presence into a powerful storytelling platform.

GDN Ads Design

Maximize your online impact with our GDN Ads Designs. Our top-tier designers strive to deliver immersive designs Read More

that are well-optimized through the use of machine learning strategies which will help your brand stand out and generate meaningful clicks that matter.

Video Editing

Well-crafted videos capture attention and keep viewers engaged longer than text or images alone. Our adept editorsRead More

aim to provide polished narratives, seamless transitions, and engaging visuals to enhance your brand's message. Create a strong, positive, and lasting impression on your audience and elevate your brand’s image.

Bumper Ads

Captivate your audience with engaging visuals and concise storytelling all in mere seconds. Maximize reach, Read More

brand recognition, and engagement with our expertly designed bumper ads.

Instagram Reels Editing

Use Instagram reels to artistically communicate your brand's story and attract new customers. If done right, InstagramRead More

can be a great place to promote your brand. With our editors' profound grasp of the algorithm, we create impeccable reels that engross viewers, propelling your social media prominence to greater heights.

Poster Design

An intriguing poster design holds the power to captivate potential customers, emerging as a potent marketing tool Read More

to amplify brand visibility. Through the harmonious blend of compelling text and immersive visual elements, we will provide you with the perfect poster designs that will maximize brand reach and leave a lasting impact.

Email Design

In the era of digital dominance, a brand's triumph and influence are intricately linked to its online visibility, particularly Read More

its social media standing. Stand out amidst the noise and make an impact with our exceptional Social Media Designs. From eye-catching posts to compelling stories, we create content that resonates. Transform your social media presence into a powerful storytelling platform.

Product Icon Design

Our highly creative designers distill your brand's identity into visually captivating icons. Each icon encapsulates your Read More

product's uniqueness, enhancing its recognition and appeal. From apps to packaging, we tailor icons that seamlessly integrate across platforms. Amplify your product’s impact through our compelling Product Icon Design.

Product Catalogue Design

A compelling Catalogue design is detrimental to any brand. We at Unified Platforms pride ourselves on being expertsRead More

in crafting catalogs that present your offerings with elegance and precision. From sleek layouts to captivating imagery, we craft catalogs that engage and resonate. Seamlessly blending form and function, guiding your audience through a captivating visual journey.

Magazine Design

From covers that whisper tales, to layouts that paint dreams, we create magazines that are portals to wonder. Unfold Read More

your brand's narrative with our artistic expertise. With the use of white spaces, colors, and immaculate text placement, our designers will orchestrate an immersive journey that turns every flip into an adventure.

Print Media Design

Even in this digital age, one of the most efficient marketing tools remains to be, Print Media. At Unified Platforms, Read More

we provide immersive print media designs that will stand out and leave a mark in the minds of your target audience, capturing attention and inspiring action. Elevate your print materials with our design prowess.

E-Book Design

When executed adeptly, ebook design becomes a potent lead generation tool, harnessing the potential toRead More

captivate and engage your audience effectively. Our talented designers excel at creating E-book designs that strategically transform content into a valuable asset within your content marketing strategy, amplifying your image and increasing target audience engagement.

Vector Design

Vectors are digital forms composed of lines and curves that are used to create images through the use of mathematical Read More

equations. Vectors are an innovative and creative approach to attracting savvy clients. Unified Platforms provides cutting-edge vector graphic designs.

Office Wall Painting Design

Office wall paintings play a pivotal role in shaping your brand's image. We provide the perfect blend of affordability and Read More

creativity, ensuring that your workspace is infused with distinctive and captivating wall paintings that will not only enhance the aesthetics but also communicate the essence and values of your brand to clients, employees, and visitors alike.

Motion Graphic Design

Bring your brand’s vision to life through our Motion Graphics Designs. We have a talented and dedicated team Read More

of motion graphics designers who will transform your ideas into captivating visual narratives. With their expertise, your concepts will be animated into dynamic stories that engage and inform your target audience.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX revolves around enhancing the user interface of websites and applications for optimal user experiences. Read More

Our UI/UX Designers merge creativity and functionality, turning your concepts into seamless digital journeys. With a team dedicated to your vision, we sculpt interfaces that delight users and drive engagement which in turn will elevate your brand’s image and increase website traffic.

Graphic Design Service Packages:

We at Unified Platforms provide the best-in-market graphic design services that can be tailored to your unique requirements. We strive to deliver an end-to-end service that puts customer satisfaction first and foremost. We understand the need for continuous support and that is why we have crafted graphic design packages to ensure that we are able to provide you with our services when it is most needed.

Here a list of our graphic design packages. Pick the package that works for you. 

Why Choose Unified Platforms

We genuinely believe that good design can capture a company's essence and clear the way for a compelling brand story. If you're looking for high-end services, Unified Platforms has the best and most affordable options. With our highly talented and dedicated team of designers, we will provide you with immaculate designs that are tailored to your unique brand and requirements.

  • Team of Graphic Design Experts Meet the Graphic Design virtuosos! We are a diverse and impressive group of graphic designers with a combined experience of more than a decade!
  • Data-Driven Design Approach We follow a completely data-driven approach that brings out the best outcomes for your business. It's a dynamic process where we harness the power of Read More...
    information to shape our actions, enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and the overall success of your endeavors.
  • Exceptional Design Reliability We pride ourselves in being a dependable helping hand to our clients. We sincerely believe in offering our customers outstanding services, and we develop Read More...
    as a result of their growth. This isn't just a surface-level commitment; it's a profound belief that drives our actions.
  • Full Transparency We understand our job is merely to help you achieve your vision. And so, we put great emphasis on being transparent throughout the process and help you bring your brand vision to life.
  • Proven Results We cherish our clients and provide them with comprehensive graphic design services aimed at helping them achieve their objectives. Unified platforms Read More...
    display reliable results. We firmly believe in providing our clients with the highest quality services.
  • Increased Conversion Rate With focused Graphic Design techniques, we will ensure that you stay current with market trends and rank higher to increase your Brand Image.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Graphic Design Services

In today's digital landscape, brand recognition directly fuels business expansion. Graphic design is detrimental to creating a distinctive brand identity. Optimizing website design not only boosts traffic and leads but also elevates social media performance, creating a compelling online presence that's unique to your business.

Whether you're new to the business realm or an established player, prioritizing graphic design is paramount. Captivating graphic designs on your website significantly enhances engagement, leading to an upsurge in customers and sales. A visually appealing design resonates with your target audience, leaving a memorable first impression.

The hallmark of prosperous websites is high user engagement rates. Strategic integration of graphic design techniques can elevate user engagement and conversion rates, forming a potent combination that amplifies the impact of your online presence.

Nothing engages "targeted" users better than a well-crafted experience on your website. The visualization aspect, integral to graphic design, speaks volumes about your business's credibility. Skillful presentation of insightful information fosters trust, resulting in a loyal user base and solid brand identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Graphic design is the art and process of creating visual content using elements like images, typography, colors, and layout to convey a specific message or idea. It is a creative field that involves combining text and images to produce visuals that communicate effectively and aesthetically. It is widely used as a marketing tool to capture audiences and keep them engaged and informed at the same time as it has more of an appealing effect than just plain text.

If you’re looking for a graphic design service that encapsulates your brand’s essence and elevates your image, look no further as Unified Platforms provides just that and more through our data-driven and proven approach to marketing and design.

In short, influencer marketing for brands helps you connect with your audience through the endorsement and authenticity of key figures in your industry.

Graphic designing, while fundamentally a visual art, requires that the visual aspect be paired with the right content in order for it to be completely effective. Relevant and crisp content serves as the other side of the coin, which sustains the interest and curiosity of the target audience once the visuals have caught their attention. What sets the best graphic design services apart from the rest is the balance that they find between the two while still adhering to the brand’s essence and vision.

Graphic design mainly involves the creation of still graphics and collaterals such as posters, designs, and brochures. Motion designers work with videos that require the use of animations, transition effects, and much more. While they are similar, they are not the same and most of the top graphic design services provide you with the option of both.

At Unified Platforms, we house a talented and creative team of both graphic designers as well as motion graphics specialists, ensuring that your brand receives the best of both worlds.

Graphic designs are a great tool in marketing that will engage target audiences and drive in new customers. When creative graphics and well-written copy come together, it acts as a catalyst for target audience engagement which directly leads to an increase in revenue and ROI. When you utilize professional graphic design services that are the right fit for your brand, your brand’s image and perception will reach a heigh that you would never have thought possible.

Graphic design is a creative and visual communication process that involves using typography, imagery, color, and layout to convey a message or idea. It is a crucial aspect of various industries, including advertising, marketing, web design, print media, and branding.

Graphic design is a useful marketing tool if used in the right way. There are various graphic design service companies on the market that can help you elevate your brand image and drive in more customers through the right placement of visuals and text. 


Graphic design service companies help grow your brand by providing various types of visual collaterals which include but are not limited to Brochure Designs, Social Media Design, video editing services, and much more. They provide you with skilled designers and motion graphics editors to help you communicate your vision to your target audience and increase user engagement.  

If you’re looking for a creative graphic design service that is willing to cater to your unique business requirements, then Unified Platforms is the one for you. We host a team of highly skilled and creative graphics designers who are capable of carrying out your brand’s vision with our tried and tested, data-driven approach.

A Graphic Design company, also known as a design agency, is a professional service provider specializing in visual communication and design solutions. These companies employ skilled designers who create various visual elements such as logos, branding materials, website graphics, marketing collateral, and more. Their primary goal is to help businesses and organizations establish a strong and consistent visual identity that resonates with their target audience.

Graphic design may assist in creating a credible brand image. This image increases the consumer’s perception of confidence and trustworthiness. Getting a customer’s trust is important for persuading them of the worth of the products or services being supplied. Graphic design companies also provide a more cost and time-effective way of handling your design needs as they cater their services to your unique needs, giving you the freedom to handle more pressing business problems while your design requirements are handled by experts.

Selecting the right Graphic Design company for your business is a critical decision that can greatly impact your brand’s success. Here are some key steps to help you make an informed choice:

  • Define Your Needs: Start by clearly outlining your design requirements. Determine what specific projects you need assistance with, such as logo design, website graphics, or marketing materials. Understanding your needs will guide your selection process.
  • Research and Shortlist: Conduct thorough research to identify potential Graphic Design companies that cater to your specific needs and make a list of the ones that align with your unique requirements.
  • Check Experience and Expertise: Consider the agency’s experience in your industry or niche. Experience in your field can be beneficial as it indicates an understanding of your specific needs and audience.
  • Review Client Testimonials: Read client testimonials or ask for references to gauge the agency’s reputation and client satisfaction. Hearing from past clients can provide valuable insights into their reliability and professionalism.
  • Assess Creativity and Innovation: Look for agencies that demonstrate creativity and innovation in their designs. You want a partner who can bring fresh ideas to the table and help your brand stand out.
  • Scalability: Consider whether the agency can handle both your immediate needs and potential future projects as your business grows.

Gut Feeling: Trust your instincts. Choose an agency that you feel comfortable working with and believe can deliver on your design objectives.

India being the large center of industry and business, has various graphic design services that offer very impressive and creative services. If you’re new to the field and are trying to find the best graphic design service for your brand, it can seem like a difficult task at first, especially if you’re looking for a one-stop solution to all your graphic design requirements. But fear not, because that is exactly what we at Unified Platforms provide for you. Our team of skilled and experienced graphics and motion designers will provide you with visually stunning and result-oriented designs and videos that are in line with your vision and will elevate your brand image to new heights. We provide top graphic design services that are uniquely catered to your specific requirements so that you can rest assured knowing that your brand image is in safe hands.

Graphic Design service costs vary widely depending on factors such as project complexity, scope of work, agency rates, experience, project timeline, revisions, additional services, usage rights, agency size, and geographic location. 

Looking for an affordable one-stop solution to all your graphic design requirements? Unified Platforms has you covered. We provide on-demand graphic design services that cater to your unique requirements and budget. Our unique data-driven approach to graphic design is bound to elevate your brand image and engage audiences which in turn will increase your revenue.

Graphic design is a highly useful and effective marketing tool that can elevate your brand to new heights, here are the top 10 reasons why your business needs graphic designs:

  • Visual Identity: Graphic design creates a distinct visual identity for your business, helping it stand out in a crowded market.
  • Brand Recognition: Consistent design elements, like logos and color schemes, make your brand memorable and easily recognizable.
  • Professionalism: High-quality design communicates professionalism, instilling trust in potential customers.
  • First Impressions: Visually appealing materials make positive first impressions, influencing purchase decisions.
  • Marketing Collateral: Graphic design enhances marketing collateral, such as brochures, flyers, and posters, making them more effective.
  • Online Presence: Effective web design and social media graphics improve your online presence and user experience.
  • Engagement: Creative designs capture attention and engage your audience, increasing customer interaction.
  • Communication: Infographics and visuals convey complex information more effectively than text alone.
  • Competitive Advantage: Strong design gives you a competitive edge by differentiating your brand from competitors.
  • Customer Loyalty: Consistent and visually appealing design builds trust and fosters long-term customer loyalty.


The role of Graphic Design in a company is multifaceted and crucial for various aspects of its operations such as:

  • Branding: Graphic design plays a central role in shaping and maintaining a company’s brand identity. It involves creating logos, color schemes, typography, and visual elements that convey the brand’s personality and values.


  • Marketing: Graphic design is instrumental in marketing efforts, as it produces eye-catching materials such as advertisements, brochures, banners, and social media graphics that attract and engage customers.


  • Communication: Design is a powerful tool for conveying complex information simply and effectively. Infographics, charts, and diagrams help explain concepts, making communication more accessible.


  • User Experience (UX): In the digital realm, UX design focuses on creating intuitive and visually pleasing interfaces for websites, apps, and software, ensuring a positive user experience.


  • Product Design: For businesses that offer physical products, packaging design is critical for product recognition and consumer appeal.


  • Sales and Conversion: Well-designed marketing materials and websites can influence customer behavior, increase conversion rates, and drive sales.


  • Credibility: Professional and aesthetically pleasing design establishes credibility, fostering trust among customers and partners.


  • Differentiation: In competitive markets, unique and memorable design sets a company apart from its rivals, making it more memorable to consumers.

If you’re looking for professional graphic design services to help your business create an image and stand out from the sea of competitors, then Unified Platforms is the perfect solution for you. We provide data-driven and engaging designs and collaterals that adhere to your unique vision and image. 


There are various factors you can analyze to see if your graphic design strategy is working for your brand or not. Here are some of the main factors you should analyze:


  • Brand Recognition: If customers can easily identify and remember your brand through its design elements, such as logos and color schemes, it’s a positive sign that your design is effective.
  • Consistency: Consistency in design across various platforms and materials indicates that your design is working to establish a strong brand identity.
  • Engagement: Monitor how your audience engages with your design materials, such as social media posts, ads, or website content. High engagement, likes, shares, and comments suggest that your design resonates with your target audience.
  • Conversion Rates: In marketing, track how design impacts conversion rates. Effective design can lead to higher conversion rates on landing pages, email campaigns, and advertisements.
  • Feedback: Pay attention to customer and stakeholder feedback. Positive feedback and comments about your design can indicate its effectiveness.
  • Competitive Advantage: If your design sets you apart from competitors and leads to increased market share or customer loyalty, it’s a clear sign of success.
  • Adaptation to Trends: A design that adapts to changing trends and technologies shows that it’s evolving and staying relevant.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Evaluate the ROI of your design efforts. If your design investments lead to increased revenue or cost savings, it’s a strong indicator of effectiveness.

At Unified Platforms, we provide data-driven graphic design strategies that are tried and tested, ensuring that they meet all the above-mentioned criteria. We constantly keep you in the loop through drafting and communicating frequent reports and letting the numbers speak for themselves.


The user-facing “front-end” of any software is detrimental to ensuring high quality user experience. Graphic design for software development usually refers to the process of creating visual elements and user interfaces (UI) for digital products, such as websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, and software interfaces. It is a crucial aspect of user experience (UX) design and focuses on the aesthetics, layout, and overall visual appeal of the software.

Unified Platforms is a leading provider of UI/UX designs that will increase website traffic and user engagement which in turn increases your business’ revenue.

At Unified Platforms, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. If for some reason you are not satisfied by our services, we will evaluate where and how we are going wrong and do everything in our power to get it rectified.

At Unified Platforms, we believe in keeping the client informed about all our efforts and strategies. We provide frequent reports on how our graphic design services are impacting your brand’s marketing campaigns. 

We provide the complete package and believe that our numbers reflect our success. Through our data-driven approach, you will be able to see the impact in your conversion rates and ROI almost immediately.

Whether they are printed or digital, there are many different sorts of design assignments, and each one requires a different amount of time. One piece of digital collateral typically takes 1 to 6 days to produce. Printing turnaround times typically range from 6 to 12 days.

We understand that not all brands have the same graphic design requirements. We will sit with you and discuss in detail about your brand vision and how you want to have your brand perceived by the public. Once we have a brand guideline set in place, we can start working on the designs immediately and provide you with your requirements on a fast-paced manner.


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