Top 25 Social Media Scheduling Tools for Free and Paid for 2023

Nowadays, social media is one of the fastest-growing domains. Many marketers use social media to promote their product services to their target audience. But to stand out in a group of competitors you need to post consistently. But posting daily would be a difficult task. To overcome these problems, social media scheduling tools may help. so, to make your work process easier we have gathered some of the top social media scheduling apps. In this article, we will let you figure out the features, pros, and cons of each tool. From this, you can make the right pickings. 

1.What is Social media marketing 

Social media marketing is also known as digital marketing. In this marketing, we utilize some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote the brand’s services and products.

What is a social media scheduling tool?

A social media scheduling tool is a software that automates the creation and distribution of social media content. It allows you to plan your posts ahead of time, so you can still get your posts up even if you aren’t always active or online. While the features of each tool vary, it works by allowing you to publish your post to the app and choose a posting schedule as well as the framework where it will go live. It can also be used as a content curation tool.

Why social media scheduling tools are important

By organizing ahead of time, you can ensure that you publish the type of content required to meet your objectives and expand your business. You can schedule posts on social media ahead of time using a social media tool. This will make it considerably simpler to visualize and align your posts with your objectives.

How far in advance should you schedule social media posts?

Scheduling your posts is a great way to keep your content consistent across various social media platforms. It also allows you to post while offline, outside of office hours, and on weekends, holidays, and vacations.

 However, be wary of scheduling your content too far in ahead of time. Maintain a monthly timetable for your scheduling and always leave room for current events and news. It’s easy to lose sight of what you’ve planned when you plan too far ahead, and today’s trends can make your posts appear out-of-date or misplaced.

 Also, when scheduling posts across numerous social accounts and repeating posts on a routine basis, every time vary the pictures and captions so they don’t become repetitive.

What should you look for in social media scheduling tools?

The best social media scheduling tool for your business will be determined by your specific requirements. However, there are some important factors to consider when looking for the ideal solution.

  • The potential to effectively add pictures and copy to your post scheduler.
  • The ability to outsource tasks to team members and receive messages when it’s your time
  • The capability to see your social networking KPIs and success in one location.
  • Other platform integrations
  • Customization allows you to operate exactly how you want.

 Top Social Media Scheduling Tools for Free and Paid for 2023

Here are some top social media scheduling tool for free and paid 2023

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most generally used social media scheduling platforms by enterprise-level agencies. It holds more than 16 million active users worldwide.

social media scheduling platform hootsuite banner

  • By using Hootsuite You can create and publish and manage your content 
  • You can manage ad campaigns from a single dashboard 
  • It supports social media integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more 
  • It also offers a browser-based dashboard that allows users to keep updated with their Twitter Accounts.

Unique Key features 

  • It offers a content library that is best suited for marketers 
  • It also helps you to set up a template that you can post later.
  • By using Hootsuite you can assign tasks to different team members.


  • You can manage up to three social media profiles.
  • It automatically publishes your post at your specified time.
  • You can make analytical reports very easily.


  • It is expensive.
  • Expensive custom URL shorteners.
  • It does not have insights into Facebook.
  • It provides only limited features with a free plan.

Website :Hootsuite 


Sensible is one of the best social media scheduling app. It helps marketers to engage with their target audience very effectively.


best social media scheduling app sensible banner

Key features 

  • It helps you to deliver posts to all social media platforms.
  • Bulk scheduling can be done by importing CSV files.
  • It also provides an option where you can edit your post.

Unique key features 

  • Sendible auto RSS posting helps you to schedule posts as drafts 
  • It also provides a view of all your brand messages where responses are required.
  • It also offers a keyword monitoring feature where you can track specific keywords.


  • Easy to use 
  • You can schedule posts within minutes.
  • You can add posts to various social media platforms.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface.


  • Does not allow promotion of posts before the setup time.
  • It does not provide a free version.



Buffer is one of the top social media scheduling post tools used by small businesses. It is an all-in-one platform where you can increase engagement and ROI. 

Key features 

  • You can schedule posts to various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, And twitter.
  • You can set up time slots in advance by using a buffer.
  • By using a buffer you can add content to the dashboard very easily.

Unique key features 

  • It provides a calendar view where you can see your published posts.
  • It offers a photo editor tool known as Pablo. 
  • By using these you can easily schedule images to your social media post.


  • It offers a clean interface 
  • It provides flexible prices.
  • It is a user-friendly tool.


  • You can’t view your incoming mentions, and messages.
  • It has only basic Instagram features.


4.sprout social 

Sprout social is one of the leading social media management tools that schedules posts.it is also best used as an engagement tool.it provides the best social media scheduling calendar.


social media management tool sprout social banner

Key features 

  • By using sprout social you can preview your Instagram grid.
  • It also provides you with a view of your posts once they are published.
  • It also provides push notifications where you can receive notifications for your failed messages.

Unique key features 

  • It also provides a sprouts extension where you can share content with your browser whenever possible.
  • It also offers search operators where you can optimize brand keywords.


  • It provides a clean interface that is easy to navigate.
  • It also offers a publishing calendar which is easy to use.
  • It provides downloadable analytics reports.
  • You can create a dashboard for social listening


  • Pricing is very high 
  • The support team takes time to respond in some cases 
  • It lacks native support for some social networks.
  • It also has difficulty with the new Instagram API.


  1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a fully stocked social media management platform.it is best suited for individuals and enterprises.


social media management platform agorapulse banner

  • It has an inbox that shows comments, and mentions that appear under your social media accounts.
  • It also provides power reports that help you customise reports for your clients.

Unique key features

  • It also offers a shared calendar tool . With this calendar, you can view the scheduled posts.
  • It also offers image cropper tools that let you crop or resize images.
  • It also provides canva integration to streamline your workflow.


You can post on multiple platforms 

  • You can review and reply to your comments.
  • You can also review post mentions.


  • The content calendar is not that simple to use.
  • It does let you draft the content.
  • It also has the ability to reschedule posts if they are already queued.



Coschedule is one of the top social media scheduling tools along with social media management tools. It is usually a built-in tool for teams.


top social media scheduling tool coschedule banner

Key features

  • It allows you to create tasks, add discussions, and assign tasks to team members.

Unique key feature 

  •  Its useful ReQueued feature allows you to identify and repost popular content


  • By using their requeued features you can fill open slots
  • Their integrations are seamless to work on.


  • It does not offer an intuitive interface and is not user-friendly
  • It is expensive 

Web site:Coschedule 

7.social pilot 

Social pilot is one of the best social media content  scheduling tool.it helps businesses with their social media management.

best social media content  scheduling tool social piot banner

Key features

  • It provides social media analytics tools to enhance your social media performance.
  • You can export all data into a presentable pdf report with one click.
  • It moderates and helps you have conversations in real-time.

Unique key features 

  • You can respond to messages on Facebook from one place.
  • By using social pilot You can review your posts before approving them.
  • You can get relevant content from the web and you can deliver it to your account 
  • Integrated url shortened helps you to avoid ugly URLs in your posts.


  • You can add RSS feeds to your favourite blogs to make it auto share.
  • Social media calendar helps you view your social media strategy.
  • Bulk scheduling lets you schedule 500 posts for the future.


  • Socialpilot is difficult to work with on Instagram.
  • The price is a bit expensive.

Web site:Socialpilot 

8.zoho social 

Zoho Social is a social media management application that assists businesses and agencies in expanding and growing their social media presence.


social media management application zoho social banner

Key features

  • You can preview your scheduled posts.
  • You can manage your content from a single place.
  • It helps you to create listening columns to track your brand reviews.

Unique key features

  • By using zoho social you can discover trends and participate in conservation.
  • You can collaborate with your teammates to work on drafts via video calls.
  • You can analyse your brand’s performance.


  • It is affordable 
  • Its calendar view gives you a brief view of what you have scheduled .
  • You can schedule posts from one place.
  • You can merge with various other platforms


  • Approval functioning could be more better 
  • It does not have automatic image resizing option.

Website :zohosocial


Meet Edgar is a best tools for scheduling  social media posts  .It is best suited for all sized businesses.It mainly schedule and organise content to automate publishing.

best tools for scheduling social media Meetedgar banner

Key features

  • It provides a stacked content library 
  • It also. Provide comprehensive analytics 
  • By using these tools you can respond to messages.
  • You can create, manage and schedule content on various platforms.

Unique keyfeatures

  • It also provides video and audio support 
  • It offers a link for tracking processes.


  • It has easy recycling options.
  • It also notifies you what is the best time to schedule your post 


  • It is expensive 
  • It does not have simple user interface 
  • It doesn’t have platform integrations.


10. Missinglettr

Missinglettr is the best app for scheduling social media posts.It is an affordable tool that provides content calendar


scheduling social media post Missinglettr banner

Key features

  • Content curation
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Automations
  • Stock image library
  • Note taking feature

Unique key features

  • Drip campaigns
  • Reposting
  • URL shortener
  • Collaboration features


  • Very affordable platform
  • Includes a fantastic content curation tool
  • It provides automated campaigns that are best suited for brand marketers.


  • Quality of generated content is hit and miss (you may have to edit posts before scheduling them)
  • Most of the advanced features are only available on the highest-tier plan



Air table is a best social media scheduling app for small sized businesses that helps you organise data in a most appealing way .

best social media scheduling app Airtable banner

Key features

  • Explore different ways to view data.
  • Simplify and streamline workflows.
  • Sync data across teams and tables.
  • Visualise impact right in Airtable 
  • Pre-made templates to enable you quickly build your first Airtable base 
  • Calendar view  helps you adjust to your team’s needs.


  • Flexible to all kinds of businesses 
  • Easily share files and Airtable data 


  • It is expensive 
  • Lack of organising comment makes it difficult for collaboration 
  • No detailed reporting features.



Tweetdeck is one of the convenient tool.It allows you to tweet in advance.

social media scheduling tweetdeck banner

Key features

  • It assists  you in handling multiple twitter accounts.
  • It assist in scheduling Tweets for posting in the future 

Unique key features

  • It helps you in building a Tweet collections 


  • You can collaborate and manage twitter 
  • It is free to use


  • It does not support twitter cards 
  • Lack of customization and custom coding.

Website: Tweetdeck 

13.Post planner 

Post planner is all in one platform that helps you to boost your engagement.

post schedular post planner banner

Key features

  • It helps you manage your publishing calendars 
  • It assists  you with creating content that boosts your followers count.
  • Automated posts 

Unique key features 

  • Recycle of top posts automatically 
  • Analysing the performance of your post.


  • Bulk uploading 
  • You can save unfinished drafts


  • It does not intuitive interface 
  • It is not flexible to use.



Brandwatch is a best social media scheduling and analytics  tool that tracks billions of conversations that are occurring  online everyday. 

best social media scheduling brandwatch banner

Key features

  • It assists you with Multilingual 


  • Search Operators are available for tracking. 
  • Streamline your Workflow
  • You can manage Unlimited Users
  • Continuous Innovation 

Unique key features 

  • It provides you the Twitter Insights
  • It also offers a Shareable Dashboards
  • Integrations and partnerships 


  • Easy to use tool 
  • You can collaborate with numerous clients


  • It is bit expensive 
  • It is not suited for small sized businesses.



Iconosquare is a powerful social media scheduling and analytics  platform for social media marketers 

social media scheduling iconsquare banner

Key features

  • It provides Analytics 
  • Automated Publishing.

Unique key features 

  • It assists you with Contact Management, Keyword Filtering. 
  • It also helps you with Multi-Account Management, Post Scheduling, Social Media Management.


  • Evolving functionality
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Competitive analysis features
  • Excellent automated posts 


  • Customer support may not be helpful
  • Some features may glitch
  • Some platforms are not included 



Heyorca is a  perfect scheduling platform for  social media content to clients. It  is an online social media planner built for marketing agencies.

scheduling platform for social media content heyorca banner

Key features

  • You can set up calendar 
  • You can Plan and schedule your social posts
  • You can Manage media 

Unique key features 

  • You can Collaborate with your team members on your content
  • You can Get approval from your clients or other stakeholders on your content 
  • It provides Report on your results
  • Update user permissions and settings.


  • Excellent collaboration and approvals system
  • Integration with Canva for post designs
  • Simple interface that shows scheduled posts at a glance 


  • No bulk upload feature or way to reshare others’ posts
  • No engagement-related features 
  • Limited paid post tracking 



Planoly is a great tool that can help entrepreneurs save time with automated publishing while keeping an eye on branding.

Automated plublishing planoly banner

Key features

  • By using planoly you can directly upload, edit and schedule your content through canva.
  • You can design your content by planoly video and image tools.

Unique key features 

  • Source photography from a library of free stock images.


  • Straightforward setup for Instagram and Pinterest
  • Caters for Instagram posts, Stories, and Reels
  • Practical workarounds to improve linking on Instagram, particularly for social commerce 


  • Facebook and Twitter integration is only via Instagram
  • You can only auto post content only to your Instagram account. 
  • Calendars remain separate for each social network 



Tailwind is an social media scheduling tool.It is all in one tool that makes your process more easier.

social media scheduling tool tailwind banner

Key features

  • It provides analytics 
  • It has an automated publishing option.
  • It is also helpful in content management.

Unique key features 

  • Post scheduling 
  • Multi- account management.


  • Centralised dashboard and calendar
  • Easy collaboration for teams and clients
  • Project management tools
  • Multiple features 


  • Noncompetitive pricing 
  • Not enough customization option 
  • Slow loading 



Crowdfire is a social media management tool for brands and businesses all over the world.

social media management tool crowdfire banner

Key features

  • It provides analytics 
  • It has an automated publishing option.
  • It is also helpful in content management.

Unique key features 

  • Post scheduling 
  • Multi- account management.


  • oAutomated scheduling suggestions
  • Manage multiple accounts 
  • You can tailor posts by single view to each platform.


  • Not easy to link accounts 
  • Some operations takes more time to set up.



Later is a social media scheduling platform with a drag-and-drop interface.It also provides calendar focused view.

social media scheduling platform later banner

Key features

  • It provides analytics 
  • It has an automated publishing option.
  • It is also helpful in content management.

Unique key features 

  • Post scheduling 
  • Multi- account management.


  • Easy to use, simple interface and media gallery
  • Competitive pricing plans
  • “Best time to publish” feature 


  • Lack of eCommerce integration 
  • You need business accounts on social 
  • Limited features compared to competition 
  • Free version has basic features 


21.Napoleon cat 

Napoleoncat is a cloud-based social media marketing platform that offers publishing, conversation tracking, social content management.

social media marketing platform Napoleon cat banner

Key features

  • Content calendar
  • Social inbox
  • Automated responses & workflows 

Unique key features 

  • Automated comment moderation
  • Analytics
  • Reporting


  • Easy to use
  • Best-in-class social inbox and comment management
  • Perfect for customer service teams
  • Flexible pricing model makes it a scalable solution


  • More focused on the social inbox than the publishing tool.
  • Lacks some key features like best time to post recommendations and native image editing.

Web site:Napoleancat


Eclincher is one of the best social media management tools where businesses can manage social media accounts and marketing activities.

best social media management tool e.clincher banner

Key features

  • It allows businesses to manage various social media platforms from one place.
  • It approves  you to scan your brand analytics.

Unique key features 

  • It also helps you to get instant brand mentions.
  • You can easily shuffle content into auto post queues.


  • It is easy to use 
  • You can schedule a post in advance.


  • You cannot post stories to Instagram without a push notification.
  • Sometimes auto posting would be confusing.

Website: E clincher 

23.Social bee 

Social bee is one of the most widely used cloud-based content marketing distribution platforms.You can manage your content across various social media accounts.

content marketing platform social bee banner

Key features

  • You can create, manage and analyse social media posts by using their in-built media editor.
  • You can pause automatic posting with a single click.

Unique key features 

  • You can know how your posts reach the audience over time.


  • It is a user-friendly platform 
  • You can use social bee platform with other social media platforms.
  •  It offers  Canva Integration
  • Provides Customizable Content Calendar
  • Facilitates team collaboration


  • Hashtags suggestions need improvement.
  • The dashboard looks somewhat outdated.


  1. Promo republic

Promote public is a best tool for scheduling social media posts that provides custom images and templates.

best tool for scheduling social media posts promo republic banner

Key features

  • It provides automate position option 
  • You can set up separate workspaces 
  • It also helps you to discover content 

Unique key features

  • It also helps to improve your collaboration with clients.
  • You can also generate reports.


  • It is an excellent automate scheduling tool 
  • It have free educational resources 


  • It doesn’t have bulk scheduling 
  • It lacks app integration 
  • It doesn’t have a collaboration feature.



Monday.com assists you to organise, collaborate, and perform an effective marketing strategy across a single visual platform. 

social media engagement tool Monday banner

Key features

  • It has an adjustable interface where everyone can get initiated without any experience.

Unique key features 

  • By using Monday.com  you can organise your content and its timings.


  • teams appreciate the fact that multiple users can edit a list at the same time.
  • Although the software lacks a Gantt chart, it does offer a timeline view, which many users find more suitable for their needs 


  • Its user pricing is limited to only some users.
  • Tracking time and expenses are difficult.
  • The dashboards does not support mobile app option.


The best time to post on social media platforms. 

 If you are at a starting stage and want your content to reach more target audience.Then you need to post consistently so you can keep your audience engaged with your posts.The best time to post on social media is from Monday to Thursday that too from 8 to 12 am.you can also change timings based on your followers count.

How to create social media calendar for 2023 

Here are some steps we gathered for you to create a social media calendar.

  1. Conduct an audit of your social Platforms 

  Before creating a social media calendar you need to have a clear view of your present accounts.

While conducting an audit check your target audience and their preferences. Also, record your analytics that shows how your post is affecting your audience.

  1. Identify your social media channels 

Decide what kind of content you want to post. This also helps you to promote your brand awareness. The posts you post on your channels must educate and entertain your followers.

  1. Decide what you want to include on your social media calendar. 

The calendar you set must include some basic details like 

  1. Date 
  2. Time 
  3. Type of channel 
  4. Links you want to include on your Post.

Sometimes even spreadsheets work wonderfully.

      4. Build out a review schedule 

A useful social calendar makes sense to everyone on your marketing team. Ask for feedback and ideas from followers and ask  your teammates to make sure it accomplishes everyone’s needs.


Though there are numerous best social media scheduling tools for 2023 available, only a few are deemed suitable for use. Some are either too expensive or do not provide the platform you require, while others provide subpar performance.always  choose an all-in-one solution that includes publishing and scheduling features. 


1. What are the 6 types of social media marketing that you can schedule your posts?

The six types of social media marketing that you can use for scheduling your posts include

  • Social networking
  • Bookmarking
  • Social new  
  • Media sharing, 
  • Microblogging
  • Online forum sites.

2. What are the 3 main components of social marketing that are best suited for increasing your brand awareness?

The three main components of social marketing that are best suited for increasing your brand awareness are:

  • Type of content, 
  • Time of posting  
  •  Frequency of posting 

3. What are the 4 C’s of social marketing?

The 4C’s of social marketing are 

Communities, conversations, channels, and campaigns 

4. What are the 8 P’s of the social market 

The 8 P’s of the social market include 

  • Product
  • Price 
  • Place 
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Positioning
  • Processes
  • Performance

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